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Frequently Asked Questions!

Why should I send a deposit at all or even early?
The deposit is to get you high on the list of purchasers giving you the best chance of the puppy you prefer (color, sex and such).  It is the basis of us even breeding a litter (without deposits ahead of time we won't even breed that go-round). It's a trust that starts being built between us.  We keep in touch on who is bred, when due, when puppies will be ready for new homes and such - giving you the opportunity to prepare ahead of time.

Does my deposit apply towards the price of my puppy and is it refundable?

Yes, the deposit will be applied to the balance of the puppy due at 8 weeks old.  Our deposits are not refundable. A deposit is a good-faith gesture saying you will be committing to a puppy.  If 'life' happens when you planned to get a puppy and you cannot do so at that time, the deposit will be carried over for a puppy at a later date, up to 2 years. 

How does the process of matching a puppy to me/us work?

Matching goes in order of deposit but when 2 or more puppies match a family but only 1 matches you, you will get offered that puppy.  This usually applies to 'harder' matches such as first time Mini owners, purchasers with small children and purchasers who do performance/conformation events. 

When will my puppy be ready to go to my home?

Most puppies are ready when they are 8 weeks old.  At times there may be a puppy we feel needs another few days or week to be ready but usually 8 weeks. 

How will I be able to get my puppy at 8 weeks?

We make 1 trip the Denver area (usually close to the weekend and at 8 weeks old) per litter for FREE.  Any other trips we need to make because you cannot schedule that day is a $50 fee. We meet when the most clients are available for the 1 trip.  We can meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Windsor exit, Colorado, Longmont, Colorado or Denver International Airport for in-cabin flights only (you or a friend/family member flies in to pick up the puppy and fly home with it) .  We also have 2 super great flight nannies who fly puppies to your area (direct flights if possible) or clients are able to come up here and meet/pick up their puppy at the ranch. 

How will my puppy be registered?
Our puppies are all AKC registered as Miniature American Shepherds with their name starting 74 Ranch.  We will register your puppy for you, working alongside you on a great name.  We also register the microchip with AKC Reunite. There is a $35 fee on the blance of all puppies to cover those 2 fees.

Are there any hidden fees? 

There is a $35 fee to register the pup with AKC and microchip with AKC Reunite, a $50 fee if you need us to make a special trip to meet you with your puppy (within 3 hrs of our home) and the balance of the puppy.   If you need an airline carrier, we charge what we pay for them, usually $30-40.

What is the process of purchasing a puppy from 74 Ranch?

If you have never owned a Mini, be sure to research the breed to see if it's the right one for you and your family (we can also discuss this if you like).   Fill out our purchaser's agreement on this site and give us a chance to call or email you back.  If you feel comfortable with us and we feel the same with you, fill out our holding agreement and send a deposit ($300 check, Zelle or Venmo).  We will be in touch on what we have coming or available.  We will have a few discussions, whether email or phone, on different options and when a decision is made, we will set up a meeting time/place for you to get your puppy. The contract will be sent ahead of time on email for you to look over, print and sign.  We will get the contract from you with any payment due and you will get your new lifetime companion!

What is the difference between a Mini Aussie and an AKC Mini American?
AKC accepted the Miniature Australian Shepherd in 2011.  They had to RENAME the breed to Miniature American (voted on in the MASCUSA club).  Our puppies are Miniature American Shepherds.  We register them and their microchip for you within a week or two of it being purchased.  The registered name will begin with 74 Ranch and we will help you fill in the rest.
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