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74 Ranch Males!
(click each name for more pictures)
Most of our males live in guardian homes!
They go through STRICT evaluations before staying in our breeding program. They MUST do super on structure and personality evaluations as well as clear health testing.  We are looking for athletic dogs that have very balanced outgoing personalities and the structure to hold up for many years doing performance events as well as win in the show ring.  
***ALL OUR DOGS ARE WICKETED for height - the heights listed are ACCURATE!***

Most of our males stand to outside females!!! Be sure to inquire! 

UNION JACK - Black Tri Male
2017 MASCA #1 Conformation Dog and MASCA Grand Champion
AKC Champion

"Union Jack" - CHIC Certified
AKC Champion
MASCA GR CH #1 Dog 2017 BISS MAJC 74 Ranch Union Jack RO-I, mHIC, V-1
International/National ICE Puppy Champion
ICE Silver Champion and Top 10 Puppy
MASCA Top 10 #8 2016, #1 2017
MASCA Champion and Grand Champion  
Multiple Best In Show
Best of Breed - MASCA Nationals 2017
Sired by 74 Ranch HeadN To Vegas out of Chatter
DOB: 2/19/16
Owned by: David Otto and Michele Herbst 
Bred by: 74 Ranch and MAJC Aussies
Red Factored
Go to Jack's page for more info!


***Union Jack***  This boy has a SUPER personality - knows no strangers, loved herding from the day he 'sampled' it. He has a great outgoing, confident personality.  Jack won Best of Breed at MASCA Nationals 2017, he is now retired from conformation. All health tested clear except MDR1 carrier.
Registered AKC Miniature American Shepherd   
$2000 Stud Fee with $500 discount to proven show/performance homes!

URBAN - Red Merle Male
AKC Grand Champion


"Urban"  - CHIC Certified
AKC GCH Kadels-N-Mj's Blue Ain't Your Color
Titles: AKC Grand Champion
Red Merle
Height: 17 1/2", 33#
DOB: 12/16
Owned by: Richard Aldrich and Michele Herbst
Bred by: Joyce Kadel

Go to Urbans page for more info


***Urban***  is an awesome boy - very happy, outgoing, resilient and friendly. He is producing some beautiful babies with great personalities! He is an AKC Grand Champion  Urban is CHIC Certified. Health tested clear except MDR1 carrier 
AKC Miniature American Shepherd   
STUD FEE: $1750

 PERI - Blue Merle male
Shipping/natural is available to approved females 

head after groom 3 yrs.jpg

 "Peri", Blue Merle Male
74 Ranch Taste N the Rainbow BCAT CGC
Sired by GCH Quail Ridge All Revved Up (Charlie) -Jack X Suzie) out of Lady Bug (Sling Shot X Echo)
Titles: BCAT
Height: 18"
DOB:  3/19/2020
Owned by:  Michele Herbst/Iana Duncan CO
Bred by: Kari Cussins (CeeWhy Aussies) and 74 Ranch

Go to Peri's page for more info

**Peri** is Buckles full brother, we kept a few out of that cross.  They turned out beautifully!  He's just at 18" so we didn't show him but his structure and head are gorgeous!!!  He's registered AKC, health tested clear and making
handsome/pretty babies!!!  
STUD FEE: $1250​

 WINK - Black Tri Male
Shipping/natural is available to approved females 

"Wink", Black Tri Male
74 Ranch Give N Hints - Therapy Dog
Sired by GCH Quail Ridge All Revved Up (Charlie) -Jack X Suzie) out of Lady Bug (Sling Shot X Echo)
Height: 17 3/4"
DOB:  4/30/2019
Owned by:  Michele Herbst/Cindy Germain WY
Bred by: Kari Cussins (CeeWhy Aussies) and 74 Ranch

Go to Wink's page for more info

**Wink** is Buckles full brother in a different color, we kept a few out of that cross.  They all turned out great!  He's 17 3/4" and a handsome boy!!! 
AKC Registered!!!  Unshown.  STUD FEE: $1250​

 Blitz - Black Tri Male
AKC Champion

blitz win shot champ.jpg

CH MAJC 74 Ranch Hit N the Gap CGC CGCA
Sire: 74 Ranch Taste N the Rainbow BCAT CGC
Dam: MAJC Don't Ewe Do It
​AKC Champion
Height/Weight: 16 1/4"
Owned by: Michele Herbst, 74 Ranch and Iana Duncan, CO
Bred By: MAJC Aussies, Carrie Pritchard
DOB: 7/10/22
Clear for all health testing  (NAD clear)

Go to Blitz's page for more info

***BLITZ***  I am so smitten with Blitz that I am looking for a pup to buy to breed him to in the future!  I'm sure he will be our Union Jack replacement in the future.  He stands just over 16", is super sweet, kind, resilient, playful and smart!  He got his Championship pretty quickly and we may
go on to get his grand in 2024/2025. 
AKC Miniature American Shepherd     
He will start standing in July 2024 to outside females. 

 Stash - Black Tri Male
AKC Champion

stash stack 1 year old.jpg

CH Treasures Dig N Fur Bones at 74 Ranch CGC 
Sire: GCH Treasures Most Wanted
Dam: Treasures Dressed to Succeed
Height/Weight: 16 3/4", 26#
Owned by:  Michele and Tom Herbst, 74 Ranch
Bred By: Kim Gardner/Treasures Minis
DOB: 2/3/23
Clear for all including NAD,, excluding CDDY/IVVD - carrier

Go to Stash's page for more info

We are so excited to see how Stash grows up.  He is a GOOFY boy!  He's always happy and playful. He is an AKC Champion and will go on to his grand when he matures.  He is an outcross for our girls so we are excited to see how he crosses with them.  He will start standing to outside females in the fall 2024. 
AKC Registered

 Magnum - Red Merle male

april 2021 sits cute.jpg

74 Ranch Private NVestigator
Sire: MASCA GR CH 74 Ranch Shoot N For the Stars
Dam: MASCA CH Sagonige's SingN Jazz at 74 Ranch
Height: 16 3/4"
Owned by: Autumn, Casper WY and Michele Herbst
DOB: 9/26/2019
Only standing to outside females live-cover in Casper WY

Go to Magnum's page to see more info!

74 Ranch N Wigglebutt Fight N Crime  

Sired by McFinley Wigglebutt See You Space Cowboy in HD
Dam is 74 Ranch Chase 'N The Rivers Edge
DOB: 5/5/2023

Owned by:  Michele Herbst, Deane Matthewson
Bred By: Marcy Harper and Michele Herbst
McGruff is an AWESOME outcross boy for us.  His sire is a wonderful boy from Omaha -Wigglebuitt Aussies and his dam is a female we leased to use on him because we liked her so much - oldtime type Aussie.  His owner (Our co-owner) says he's the SMARTEST dog they have ever had!  He will start standing and maybe showing soon!  AKC registered

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