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           Terms, Conditions and Pricing:                
Updated March 12, 2024



Visitors are always welcome with some safety restrictions for the dogs/puppies


Puppy Holding Fees:

Our holding fee is $300.  This is non-refundable but you can continue to carry over the holding fee until we get the puppy that matches you and that you desire up to 2 years. There are no guarantees on superficial things such as color and eye color- priority should be placed on personality and temperament and how it fits in to your lifestyle and family since it's a 10-15 year commitment.  We will refund if we refuse or decided not to sell you a puppy for any reason, of which we have the right. If something happens to your puppy before pick-up, the holding fee will also be refunded or you can choose a replacement of equal quality out of the same or a later litter.  We prefer to sell our puppies as pets, but on we are placing show/breed/performance puppies sell outright or on a co-own partnership, should we choose. Prices for pets run $2000 to 3000; breeding prospects $3000-4500; co-owns are negotiable depending on situation, ask for more information on that privately.


We ship on the airlines in cabin but prefer you come pick it up or meet us.  We will set up shipping arrangements - you would need to add shipping and crate to the price of the puppy.  We try to ship from Denver for a shorter day.  We keep in-cabin carriers on hand and charge only what we pay for them. Puppies cannot be shipped until 8 weeks or after.  Fees must be paid in full before shipping. We also have a few super great flight nannies if you need them to bring you a puppy.  You would meet them at the airport and deal with them directly.



We do NOT guarantee size as Mini Americans are bred down from Aussies.  We will tell you as close as we can to the finish size.  All adults are health tested so as to avoid problems but they can still happen so we offer a 36 month guarantee for any genetic issues. See contract for further information.


Matching a puppy to your family/you:

We would like to visit with you further, so we can best match a puppy to you, through email or a few phone calls. Our litters are personality and structure evaluated at 8 weeks old.  All pets are sold registered with AKC as Miniature American Shepherds and are to be spayed or neutered (see contract).  We also register the microchip.  Both will cost an extra $30 fee payable at pickup.  All co-own/partner homes are in our name with you as the co-owner.  We try to give you as much information as possible on each puppy and how they would work for you as well as information on the breed (please see our info page).



Our pups are wormed at 4, 6 and 8 weeks old (depending on need-fecal exam).  They get their first vaccination at 7 1/2 to 8 weeks old IF YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE ONE.  We offer: 1) NO vaccination at 8 weeks (preferred as 12 weeks is much more effective) 2) Distemper and Parvo ONLY  3) 5 Way vaccination. You will then need the next one at about 12 weeks. Parents have CERF exams on their eyes yearly (if we are able), OFA prelims and/or permanent (Hips, Elbows and Patellas), PRA-PRCD, DM, CDDY, CEA, HC and MDR1 tests.  


How we raise our puppies:

We raise our puppies in a 'small world' that is a large fenced area consisting of a wood deck, dirt, grass, rock, cement and trees, where they can run and play but are protected from the outside elements (cars, coyotes, other dogs, etc.).  They have a building they can go in and out of through the doggie door that is heated/air conditioned after 5 weeks old.  We close them in at night.  We have horses, cattle, cats and chickens so they are socialized with them when they get to go to the 'big world' under supervision. They are also allowed, off and on, in to the house where they are exposed to other sounds, carpet, tile and wood floor as well as a big toy box!  We expose them to toys outside such as wobble boards, tunnels, slides, etc.  They get 3 car rides by 10 days old and 1 each week thereafter.

We feed 1/2 raw and 1/2 kibble.  They are started on crate training at about 5 1/2 weeks old.

We can keep your puppy a bit longer if the timing is off just a bit for you to get your new puppy.  Please ask for more info on that.

We handle them many times through the day, take pictures and update the website weekly.  They are weighed every day for the first 10 days, then once a week until 8 weeks old.  They run with the other dogs as soon as they are old enough to do so.


Puppy Packet:

Each puppy comes with a bag of kibble/food, Kong or Toppl, rawhide bones, toys and a ball, registration and microchip registration (extra $35 fee), health record, collar/leash, microchip, blanket, Wondercide flea/tick spray sample, Immune builder, pro-biotics and information that can help you introduce your new family member.  FINAL PICKUP SALE IS CASH ONLY!


We try to make things as simple as possible for our customers. If you would like help making shipping arrangements we can do that.  If you need us to keep your horse/bull a bit longer than agreed on please contact us to see if this service is available for you.


Please write if you have any other questions, concerns or contracts.



How do I get my puppy:

  • You can come to ranch and pick your puppy up anytime after 8 weeks old - we are 1 1/4 hrs north of Cheyenne, 30 minutes west of Scottsbluff NE or 3 hrs north of Denver.

  • We meet 1 time per litter to the south - Fort Collins to Longmont CO (usually) free. IF you cannot meet the 1 time we arrange for as many as possible to pick up their pups (usually a Saturday) there will be a $50 fee to meet you.

  • We have several wonderful trusted flight nannies that can fly your puppy to you.  We do not play middle man, we just give you each the other's information and you work together on dates, times and fees.

  • You can fly in to the Denver airport to get your puppy. We charge $60 to take the puppy to the airport.  If you need a carrier, we charge what we pay for them, usually $30-40.  The fee is your airline fee plus $100-125 that the airlines charge - IN CABIN. We no longer fly cargo.

  • Puppies are due to leave at 8 weeks. If you need us to keep it a little longer please arrange that with us ahead of time.  

  • Ground Transport. We can ask around for recommendations as we have never used one before.

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