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74 Ranch Guardian Opportunity!!!

We have some AMAZING crosses/litters coming up in 2024 so we are looking for a few select guardian homes!  Our guardian homes are the ONLY way we can contribute to improving this breed and the only way we could have become a Hall of Fame Kennel ​so we value and appreciate them greatly!
Guardians can be a benefit for all parties
In order for us to stay small in numbers and our puppies to go to wonderful loving homes (instead of being raised in a kennel), most of our male breeding/show prospects in pet/guardian or partner homes. You own them, treat them like they are yours and we have some breeding rights (however, we are flexible). We will show them, if approved by both parties at our expense! We appreciate our guardian homes greatly!  It's a great program for all.  We have many references if you would like to hear from the other side of our program!

Benefits to the Puppy:
The puppy is raised in a loving home.  It's not put in a kennel to get fed 2ce a day and fork out babies, NO, it's treated with love, nurtured by it's owners, trained, fed, cared for with love! 

Benefits to Breeder:
We can only keep so many dogs at our own home (it would not be fair to the puppies to keep too many) yet we have some awesome puppies that we would like to keep in our breeding program in order to continue to improve it as well as the breed. A guardian home allows us to do just that. We do a strict personality (using Avidog and Suzanne Clothier methods) and structure (Pat Hastings method) evaluation at 8 weeks. There may be more than 1 puppy in that litter that evaluates as show/breed quality yet we would not keep 2 puppies in our home at one time, for their sake. Or there may be NO pups in a litter we would keep in our breeding program, in which case the whole litter would be placed as wonderful companion pets. We would prefer to place the show/breed puppies in pet homes that are willing to keep them intact (not spayed/neutered) until 18-24 months old. This way, we can watch them mature and make a final decision at that time regarding their breeding suitability. We also try to have the puppy shown, although not required. Being close by (local) helps us deliver or pick up the puppy to attend shows with us and helps the partner family go to the shows themselves or with us.  It also helps everyone when it's breeding time.

Benefits to Buyer
WE RAISE GREAT PUPPIES but a partner family attains the asset of the highest quality puppies we raise. You help us preserve our genetics, improve the breed, benefit all the families that will get puppies from your dog and give our puppies the best homes - it's a WIN-WIN.  Partners get to pick the color and gender they want but we can't guarantee they will get a show/breed quality one in the first litter, it may take a few litters. Show/breed puppy buyers and partners get priority. Guardian contracts are flexible, so be sure to talk to us about any specifics.  If you are wanting to get into showing/breeding, we will be happy to mentor you. If, prior to age 18-24 months, we decide not to include the dog in our breeding program, he/she may be spayed or neutered at guardians expense just like if it was a companion dog. Only about 50% of the pups placed on partnerships are actually bred. And most of the ones we do keep in our program are done in our program early, by 2-5 years so they can be spayed/neutered at that time if you desire. We are on the registration papers until this time.  At the time of retirement the dog is put solely in your name.  You assume its normal daily care, just like any other pet in your home. We will pay all testing and breeding expenses while the dog is in our breeding program if it is used.

Guardian/Partnership General Details
1) Buyer keeps puppy intact (not spayed or neutered) until at least 2 years old unless agreed upon by both parties. 
2) Dog is in our name, you are the "co-owner" on the contract, just to make paperwork easier when breeding/showing. The dog's registration papers will be transferred solely into your name when we both make the decision to spay or neuter or the contract is fulfilled.
3) Puppy is show/breed evaluated for personality AND structure at 8 weeks old.  Only the best of the best puppies from the most consistent litters are placed in guardian homes. You get the full package.
4) The breeder may show, if desired, or work with the partner to attempt to show the puppy in the conformation or performance trials to earn a Championship or Title if desired. Breeder/ mentors work closely with partner home to the extent the partner wants. We highly recommend doing something with your dog -CGC, Trick Dog, Nose work, Fastcat, Herding, Farm Dog - it's soooo good for this breed to use their brains and it's super fun for you and the dog.  They give you titles to put before or after your dogs registered name and send you a certificate too!
​How Do I Get My Puppy Started in Dog Shows? – American Kennel Club (
5) Guardian dogs will have evaluations done again at 2 years of age to determine suitability for breeding paid for by breeder.  We typically only breed 1-3 litters from females (see #7). Males can be left intact for an agreed upon period of time and used per mutual agreement. Genetic tests may include OFA (hips, elbows and patellas), CERF, CEA, DM,  NAD, HC and PRA (eyes) and MDR1 (drug sensitivity). Dog will be evaluated for structure and personality again around 2 years old if breeder feels necessary at the breeder's expense.  If the breeder decides dog is not suitable for breeding, he/she will be neutered/spayed at the guardian's expense, and breeder will relinquish any ownership rights. 
6) Breeder will help arrange for and cover any and all fees for breeding, whelping and transport, if necessary. 
7) Either the guardian or breeder can whelp litters.  Breeder can return females 10 days post-whelping or keep puppies and mother through weaning depending on wishes of both sides.  Pups may (or may not) go to breeder at 6 1/2 weeks old for crate and leash training as well as evaluating and placing. If you have a male we have breeding rights for all females - leased or owned/co-owned but we will give you a small stud fee.  If other breeders use the stud you will receive a higher stud fee for use.  
8) Genetic testing, evaluations, registration, breeding fees are the Breeder's responsibility and expense.  We can discuss potential scenarios of puppy prices, placement and percentages on a litter-to-litter basis.  Details are agreed upon in writing before puppy is picked up or delivered. If you purcased as a pet/companion and your dog turns out to be breeding quality at an older age we can negotiate a contract if both parties agree.
9) If kept in our program, a female is used for 1-3 litters (depending on agreement) and male is kept intact until 5 years old (Unless there's a problem and both parties agree he needs neutered) for us to use in our program.  Females normally go to the males so the male will stay with you.
10) Potential Co-Own, Guardian homes WILL be required to do a face-to-face interview with us via Zoom unless close enough to meet. We want you to be sure you will want to be part of our team and family!

If you are interested in being a guardian for your next Mini American Shepherd, please contact 74 Ranch and we can visit more about it.

Do we sell puppies to breeders?
In the past we rarely sold our puppies to breeders. Why? We place our dogs in homes with the HIGHEST chance for success and are meticulous about lining up puppies with loving families. The chances of a puppy turning out to be an exceptional breeding dog are in general pretty low as picky as we are.  We are wanting to slow down our breeding and enjoy our grandchildren so we may place breeding dogs in approved homes to help the breed and/or our program. 
We also provide stud service to outside breeders with approved females. Please ask for more information!

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